World Famous Hillsville Flea Market Memorial Day and Labor Day in Hillsville, Virginia
Memorial Day Market 2016 - Friday, May 27th thru
 Monday, May 30th
Labor Day Market 2016 - Friday, September 2nd thru
 Monday, September 5th

Need Directions? Just enter 800 Stuart Drive,
Hillsville, VA 24343 into your GPS or Googlemap it!




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This website, was developed as a means to connect Vendors and Vistors in such a way as to provide the best Flea Market experience for everyone!

The Hillsville Labor Day Flea Market is without a doubt one of the most famous Flea Markets in the world! Attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors annually, and boasting up to 2000 vendors from all parts of the US - it is truly THE Flea Market event of the year - Here you will find every type of vendor, from Antiques to Sheets, Nascar to New Age Novelties, Artists, Artisans, clothes, toys, tools, rugs, things for your home, great gifts and amazing prices, not to mention the hundreds of delicious food booths -- you name it, you will find it here! Twice a year, Memorial Day and Labor Day, it is a 4 day event that you just do not want to miss!!

We do not run the Market itself, we are only here to advertise and promote it, however, on our "Contact" page we will be listing any information we can gather regarding space rentals, township numbers to call, and contact numbers for those who are involved in the logistics and operations, should you have any questions or concerns. In the all new "In the Area" category to the left, we are also striving to list as many local amenities as possible, places to stay, places to eat and even some tourism highlights that you might want to check out while you are here for the market, of course nothing can beat the market.

If you are a Vendor and you are interested in listing your booth location, you can do that with us for FREE. All you have to do is send an e-mail once you get your space secured. During both flea market events (Memorial Day and Labor Day) this website gets hit with so many online visitors that we actually crashed -- not once, but twice -- in 2012!! The stats showed that we were getting anywhere from 300-900 hits Per Hour!! More and more, people coming to the market will search the Internet for relevant information, and when they get to OUR website, (which they WILL because we have #1 ranking in google), you and your business could benefit greatly by having your information listed on our "Vendor Locator Page" -- By the way, did I mention that it is Free?

We also have other advertising venues available, such as a full page ad for your business that can pretty much say whatever you want it to say and you can have us link it to your own website if you have one. Here is my own full size ad page that I created for my ornament business. Here is another one that I created for my friend Myra's jewelry website. And I can create one for you too! - How much does the ad page cost? Only $36.50 a year, and no setup fee. That's right, for 10 cents a day you can have a full page ad, with a banner link on our home page, a home page that gets hit with thousands, literally tens of thousands of online visitors throughout the year. What do you think that kind of exposure could do for your business? And if you don't have a website, I can help you with that too - If you do have a website and you just want the banner ad on the home page - that is only $19.95 for an entire year. You can't afford not to advertise on!

From a visitor's perspective, coming to this website will give them a way to find the specific types of items and products that they are most interested in finding - the market is so massive, and covers such a wide area, it is almost impossible to walk the entire place even if you attend it every single day! Don't let potential visitors get worn out before they find YOU! Whether you simply do the free listing, or sign up for the full page ad, or just the home page banner ad, we are here to fill that need, and we are the only one that is here to fill that need. So please send in an e-mail today and get yourself listed on!

Finally, this website also offers a way to actually sell online. This is still in the developmental stages, but basically it will be run like a consignment shop. You have something you want to sell, you send me a picture and a description, I list it for free. If someone buys your item, I notify you that it has sold, you arrange to ship it to the customer, or if local, you can arrange to have them pick it up, however you want to do it. I give you 90% of the money collected and I keep the other 10% - this basically covers the payment processing fees and a little extra to keep me motivated. Hillsville Flea Market in Hillsville Virginia, putting Hillsville on the map!. I mean, seriously, where can you ever find a 90/10 consignment? I've been selling online since 1996, so I know what I'm doing! Send me an e-mail if you are interested or you just want more information

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